Professional Positions

  • 2017 2015

    Sr. Python Programmer

    Tekvortex Pvt. Ltd., Web Archiving Compliance Solution

  • 2015 2013

    Asst. Professor

    Nepal College of Information Technology, Dept. of Computer Science and Information Technology

  • 2012 2012

    Android Intern Engineer

    Loment Inc., Mobile Apps Development

  • 2010 2009

    Senior Computer Programmer

    Healthnet Nepal, IT and Services

Education & Training

  • M.Tech 2013

    M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering

    Jawaharlal Technological University, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • B.E.2009

    Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology

    Nepal College of Information Technology, Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal

  • Intermediate2004

    Intermediate of Sciences (+2 Science)

    Harikhetan Multiple Campus, Adarsha Nagar, Birgung, Nepal

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • 2011-2013
    Dr. Homi J. Bhaba Scholarship Scheme.
    The Dr. Homi J. Bhaba Scheme launched in 2004-05, provided 40 scholarships to Nepalese students for studying ME/M.Tech in India.
  • 2005-2009
    NCIT Scholarship
    NCIT scholarship was provided to deserving students on the basis of their previous academic perfomances. I was awarded with 50% of total fees during my Bachelors of Engineering.
  • Fall 2008
    Class Topper
    I was awarded with a certificate of appreciation and a cash award during Fall 2008 (Fifth Semester) of my Bachelors of Engineering for scoring top position in my class with SGPA of 3.66.
  • Sept. 2009
    Best Paper Award
    I was awarded with the "Best Paper" award during the Sixth National Students' Conference on Information Technology (NaSCoIT 2009), SAARC Regional IT Conference on Open Source for the paper entitled "Mobile IP: Dimensions and Prospects".


  • 2017 2015

    Sr. Python Programmer

    I have started my career as a Senior Python Programmer at Texvortex Pvt. Ltd. It is an offshore branch of Smarsh Inc. I primarily work for the Web Archiving Compliance Solution for the company.

  • 2015 2013

    Asst. Professor

    I have started my career as a "teacher" or a "mentor". I take programming classes for students and also take special training classes.

  • 2015 2013

    Systems and Project Co-ordinator

    As a Systems and Project Co-ordinator, I have the responsibilities to manage and conduct regular systems and project related works. I have to ensure that students get quality project guidance and the systems in the organization are well functioning. I am also reponsible for conducting training courses.

  • 2013 2010

    Project Manager

    I have worked as an IT professional managing and guiding development teams for development of various products.

Professional History

  • 2013 2013

    Android Intern Engineer

    I was involved with Hitah Systems and Services, Hyderabad, India, a sister concern of Loment Inc., USA during my M.Tech. internship. I developed an android application for File Encryption and Attachment Sending as specified by the company. The application was called "IMPeX".

  • 2010 2009

    Senior Computer Programmer

    I started my full time professional career as a computer programmer at Healthnet Nepal. I was responsible for installation, configuration and management of different client software. I also had to give training on Library related software to the clients.

  • 2009 2008

    Senior Web Intern

    I worked at Cafe Source Code, Nepal as a web developer during my final year of engineering study. There I was given an oppurtunity to work with client directly and complete a project. I learned to work with PHP based Content Management Systems and completed the client project in Joomla. Ref: Xplore International

  • 2008 2007

    Junior Web Intern

    I started my Intern career from Code Arts, Nepal. The place was very special to me because it motivated me to real work. I learned PHP Frameworks and programming techniques there.

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Incorporation of Cryptography Mechanism in a Smartphone File Sharing System Design

Nitesh Rijal
Conference Papers Seventh National Students' Conference on Information Technolgoy, September 2013


Modern day technology has become very advanced. Internet has become accessible to almost every corner of theworld. Electronic Mail, commonly known as “email”, has become the primary mode of communication all over the world. Email serves as an integral part of our everyday life. Be it work, or to be in touch with distant family members, it has become the most cheapest means of communication because of its nearly zero cost in terms of money.

The aim of this project is to develop a smartphone app that is able to encrypt any file to be used attachments using an email app and also decrypt it at the receiver's end, so that middle man cannot view them even if they tap the mail in the middle.

Bridging the Information Divide of the Maldives through Library Automation and Digitisation

Aminath Riyaz, Nitesh Rijal, Shiva Ram Shrestha & Fathimath Nashfa
Journal Paper International Seminar on 'Digital Libraries for Digital Nation', October 2012, Pages 10-30


Information divide can be defined as the gap between those who have access to information sources and those who do not have an acceptable level of access. This disparity in access to information is experienced between developed and developing countries, and also within countries in terms of urban and rural areas. This is more prevalent in developing countries given the shortage of local publications, high cost of acquiring information sources, coupled with the low priority of information provision in the face of other pressing economic needs. In some respect, the information divide is more prominent in island nations like the Maldives given the geographic dispersion divided by the ocean.

Mobile IP: Dimensions & Prospects

Nitesh Rijal
Conference Papers Sixth National Students' Conference on Information Technolgoy, September 2009


This paper deals with the dimensions and prospects of Mobile IP. For those new to the concept, Mobile IP simply is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard communications protocol that is designed to allow mobile device users to move from one network to another while maintaining a permanent IP address.


Nitesh Rijal, Pramod Bhandari
Conference Papers Sixth National Students' Conference on Information Technolgoy, September 2009


This paper focuses on implementation of LTSP(Linux Terminal Server Project) to make complete use of old hardware to be used efficiently and effectively. This paper focuses its implementation in GNU/ Linux.

Open Source Software & Free Software

Nitesh Rijal, Shiva Ram Shrestha & Sunil Sharma
Conference Papers Fifth National Students' Conference on Information Technolgoy, September 2013


This paper presents the necessities and possibilities of Open Source Software (OSS) and Free Software (FS) as viable alternatives to present situation of expensive, rigid and unauthorized software. The motive of this paper is to create awareness among the user about Open Source Software and encourage using them. For those of you, new to the concept, open source software is that which is open to modification by user, as opposed to the closed source, where you get only the executable file and cannot modify it in any way. Open source programs are ongoing projects; unlike the software company coming out with a final product release. In open source community they listen to user requests, comments and reviews. In short, the development process is a group effort of various people of various places rather than a group of a people in a company in some particular place.


Nitesh Rijal, Gopal Pd. Shah
Conference Papers Fifth National Students' Conference on Information Technolgoy, September 2013


Today’s world has been converted into a global village and this is basically because of the development in the field of networking and communication. Wireless communication is growing at the rate of FLASH. And Bluetooth Technology is an example of it. Bluetooth is an open standard for short range digital radio. Bluetooth is considered as wireless PAN technology that offers fast and reliable transmission for both voice and data. Bluetooth devices will eliminate the need for cables and provides a bridge to existing networks and thus it has a great scope in near future. The goal of Bluetooth is to connect desperate devices( PDAs, cell phones, printers, faxes etc.) and allow them to seamlessly work together in a small environment such as an office or home.